• 名前: Education
  • シンボルティッカー: LEDU
  • 流通供給: 217789857 LEDU
  • LEDU/米ドル: $0.0060
  • Coin Market Cap: $1302380

Education Ecosystem

Education Ecosystem is a decentralized learning ecosystem that teaches professionals and college students how to build real products.

We are like Github on video for developers, a platform where developers come to learn how to practically use tools and services developer-focused companies are offering. They learn best practices, tricks and tips their peers use.

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A decentralized peer-to-peer project-based learning network for learning about technologies and trying them out with free practical examples

  • icon-programming


  • icon-data-science


    • Wolfram
    • データマイニング
    • データ分析
    • ビッグデータ
    • テキスト処理
  • icon-cryptocurrency


    • 暗号化の基礎
    • ブロックチェーン
    • 暗号マイニング
    • ビットコイン
    • ICO
  • icon-ai


    • ロボット工学
    • 自然言語
    • 機械学習
    • コンピュータビジョン
    • 自動運転車
  • icon-game-dev


    • Unreal Engine
    • Love 2D
    • Game Maker
    • Unity
    • Gamedev
  • icon-cybersecurity


    • 倫理的ハッキング
    • モバイルセキュリティ
    • サイバー犯罪
    • モ ノのインターネット
    • マルウェア対策



    Learn how to build products


    • 2019年第2四半期

      - Create 100 projects
      - LEDU promotion campaign
      - 新しいパートナーシップ
      - 新規上場
      - Industry event marketing
      - Meetups: Europe, Asia
      - B2B Developer Relations Sales Portal
      - Promotion LEDU Referral Program
      - Project Promotion Proof-of-Work
      - API Developer Ecosystem Portal
      - Android App: Alpha, Beta
      - Webapp: v4.4, v4.5

    • 2019年第3四半期

      - Create 150 projects
      - Webapp: v4.6, v4.7
      - Android App: v.4.1, 4.2
      - Product marketing
      - YouTube for Crypto Section
      - LEDU Token Swap
      - LEDU Staking Program
      - LEDU Roadshow
      - 新しいパートナーシップ

    2018 2019

    What makes Education Ecosystem unique?

    • 学習モデル

    • ライブのQ&A対話機能

    • 完成品

    • 学習タイプ

    • 分散型ピアトゥピア

    • コンテンツ制作費

    • コンテンツ制作速度

    • 対象グループ

    • 将来の技術に注力

    • 柔軟性グレード

    • 複数の言語

    • プロジェクト

    • icon-check

    • icon-check

    • 本当に実用的で生産レベルの仕事

    • icon-check

    • $ 500

    • < 1か月

    • 中級者、専門家

    • icon-check

    • 高い

    • icon-check

    • logo-lynda Created with Sketch.

    • コース

    • icon-close

    • icon-close

    • 理論的

    • icon-close

    • > $50,000

    • 3か月

    • 初心者、中級者

    • icon-close

    • 低い

    • icon-close

    • logo-pluralsight Created with Sketch.

    • コース

    • icon-close

    • icon-close

    • 理論的

    • icon-close

    • > $50,000

    • 3か月

    • 初心者、中級者

    • icon-close

    • 低い

    • icon-close


    Education Ecosystemに関する最新ニュースを見つける

    • 12 7月 2019

      Subscribe to Education Ecosystem Twitter for LEDU Project Updates

      If you want to get the latest updates about the Education Ecosystem project and LEDU coins then follow us on Twitter. Twitter is the top social media platform for the crypto industry and the Education Ecosystem channel is the best place to get updates on not only our project and LEDU coins, but also the latest industry news.

    • 27 6月 2019

      LEDU Ledger Nano Wallet Giveaway Competition

      To celebrate LEDU’s recent listing on the DCoin exchange we are introducing a wallet giveaway competition where 10 lucky participants will each receive a brand new Ledger nano wallet (or equivalent value)*.

    • 19 6月 2019

      New LEDU Listing on DCoin Exchange

      We are delighted to announce that LEDU tokens will soon be listed on the DCoin Exchange and to celebrate the listing we are also introducing a wallet giveaway competition. Deposits will open on June 19th at 3:00 UTC and trading will begin at 7:00 UTC. LEDU will be available for trade with LEDU/ETH and LEDU/BTC pairs.

    • 3 5月 2019

      LEDU Token Swap: LEDU Tokens on Gate to be Excluded from Swap

      A new LEDU token smart contract will be released to replace the current smart contract. Education Ecosystem will be conducting a token swap which will see our current ERC-20 Education (LEDU) token converted into another ERC-20 token to be used on the Education Ecosystem platform.

    • 11 4月 2019

      How to Buy Education Tokens (LEDU) on LATOKEN

      Education tokens (LEDU) are now trading on LATOKEN with ETH and BTC pairs. This article will explain how to purchase LEDU tokens on the LATOKEN exchange.

    • 2 4月 2019

      LEDU Token Bounty Reward Program

      Education Ecosystem has launched a bounty reward program where participants will have an opportunity to earn LEDU every month. The participants will be required to complete various bounty tasks to receive LEDU. The more tasks completed, the more LEDU you can earn.


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