Introducing the LEDU Token Hodl Reward Program: Thou Shalt Hodl and Live Longer.

What is HODL?

What is HODL?

The HODL program rewards LEDU token holders with more tokens just for keeping them in your wallet. It is our way of giving back to those who truly believe in our project.

How It Works?

  • Have a minimum of 20,000 LEDU tokens in your ERC20 wallet.
  • On the last day of each month wallet addresses are checked for those holding LEDU tokens.
  • Earn 0.25% interest on those LEDU tokens.
  • Repeat each month
  • How It Works?


    Rachael has 80,000 LEDU tokens in her wallet on March 31st. Since she has the minimum amount needed to qualify, in April, Rachael will receive a payment of 200 LEDU tokens or 0.25% of her original 80,000 LEDU.


    • Tokens held in exchange wallets or which hit exchange wallets during the last 30 days will not be considered for the next pay out.
    • Each person can submit max three ETH addresses. Each ETH address submitted must have at least 20,000 LEDU in it.
    • To participate in the HODL program, register here.
    • There must be no movement of tokens away from wallets for the previous 30 day period. Any token movement will result in disqualification for that month.

    For questions regarding the HODL program, contact our team at:
    [email protected]