New LEDU Coin Smart Contract in the Wake of the Token Swap

There is a new LEDU token smart and all tokenholders should take note of this:


The new LEDU token address | Credit / Etherscan

The new smart contract has passed two extensive audits conducted by independent parties. The minter has been removed, meaning that no new tokens will be added to the supply. The new LEDU token address is: 0xC741f06082AA47F93729070aD0dD95E223Bda091. The total token supply remains unchanged at 362,983,094 LEDU as seen on Coinmarketcap and Etherscan. You can find more attributes, functions, and events about the new LEDU token on Etherscan.


New LEDU token smart contract attributes | Credit / Etherscan

The old smart contract will be locked and deprecated to pave way for the token swap. When trading is activated again on exchanges, make sure you do not trade tokens based on the old smart contract as those tokens are worthless with the issuance of the new token smart contract.

14 February 2020

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