Education Ecosystem CEO Michael Garbade Featured on Crypto Current Podcast

Education Ecosystem CEO Michael Garbade was hosted by Richard Carthon on the Crypto Current Podcast on 12 July. The podcast interview, focusing on how to “improve and expand your skills to make more money in your career” was published on 17 August. The Crypto Current podcast is intended for people who are new to the cryptocurrency sphere and guides them until they become experts.

Michael highlighted that many people are mainly focused on the value of cryptocurrencies instead of blockchain. Blockchain, as Michael puts it, has “huge future potential” and it will be a while before all its use cases are seized.

At the present moment, blockchain is still where the internet was around 2010 or 2011. The potential of blockchain is not yet fully understood.

The podcast also touched on the coronavirus pandemic and how the world would have been different had it happened a decade ago. People now have the tools and programs to work from home.

Michael highlighted that founders are learning as they go.

Michael raised a lot of important points on the current events happening in the crypto sector. Listen to the podcast to learn more on how you can make more money in your career.

Stay safe.

18 August 2020

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