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12 July 2019
LEDU Staff

How to Buy Education Tokens (LEDU) on Dcoin

Education tokens (LEDU) are now trading on Dcoin with ETH and BTC pairs. This article will explain how to purchase LEDU tokens on the Dcoin exchange....

30 June 2019
LEDU Staff

LEDU Ledger Nano Wallet Giveaway Competition

To celebrate LEDU’s recent listing on the DCoin exchange we are introducing a wallet giveaway competition where 10 lucky participants will each receive a brand new Ledger nano...

27 June 2019
LEDU Staff

Wash Trading Exchanges Harming The Industry - Bibox Another Culprit

In recent months we have seen an increase in the number of reports highlighting the practice of wash trading on various cryptocurrency exchanges. One report in particular from...

27 June 2019
Alex Salidas

More About Bitforex — One of the Biggest Wash Trading Exchanges In the World

Wash trading, one of the most damaging practices in the cryptocurrency industry has been very difficult to deal with since cryptocurrency exchanges began popping up. Exchanges which engage in...

26 June 2019
Alex Salidas

Bitforex — One of The Biggest Wash Trading Exchanges in the World

When it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges there are some well-established names in the industry. The likes of Binance, Kraken and Bitfinex are known throughout the crypto industry and...

25 June 2019
Alex Salidas

New LEDU Listing on DCoin Exchange

We are delighted to announce that LEDU tokens will be listed on the DCoin Exchange and to celebrate the listing we are also introducing a wallet giveaway competition.

18 June 2019
LEDU Staff

LEDU Token Swap: LEDU Tokens on Gate, Bibox & Bitforex to be Excluded from Swap

A new LEDU token smart contract will be released to replace the current smart contract. Education Ecosystem will be conducting a token swap which will see our current...

30 May 2019
LEDU Staff

Get LEDU Coins & Join The Education Blockchain Revolution

Education Ecosystem is a project-based learning platform where developers can discover new technologies and try them out hands-on using free practical project examples.

Viewers use practical projects to...

24 May 2019
LEDU Staff

IEOs: Are they truly better than ICOs or STOs?

Since cryptocurrencies surged into the mainstream in 2017 we have seen various blockchain projects selling their own digital assets to crypto enthusiasts. These digital assets have allowed companies...

23 April 2019
LEDU Staff

How to Buy Education Tokens (LEDU) on LATOKEN

Education tokens (LEDU) are now trading on LATOKEN with ETH and BTC pairs. This article will explain how to purchase LEDU tokens on the LATOKEN exchange. See also...

11 April 2019
LEDU Staff

LEDU Token Bounty Reward Program

Education Ecosystem has launched a bounty reward program where participants will have an opportunity to earn LEDU every month. The participants will be required to complete various...

2 April 2019
LEDU Staff

New LEDU Listings on LATOKEN and Hotbit Exchanges

Following the announcements of our upcoming listing on LATOKEN, we would like to announce that LEDU will also be listed on another exchange very soon.

Deposits opened on March 27th for...

27 March 2019
LEDU Staff

LEDU Tokens to Be Listed on LATOKEN

We are happy to announce that LEDU tokens are going to be listed on LATOKEN and will soon be available for deposits & trade. Deposits will be available...

22 March 2019
LEDU Staff

Product Development Update

Our product development team has been working on some new pages to further enhance the user experience on the Education Ecosystem platform. In previous updates, we’ve mentioned a...

22 March 2019
LEDU Staff

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