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  • 3 May 2019

    LEDU Token Swap: LEDU Tokens on Gate to be Excluded from Swap

    A new LEDU token smart contract will be released to replace the current smart contract. Education Ecosystem will be conducting a token swap which will see our current ERC-20 Education (LEDU) token converted into another ERC-20 token to be used on the Education Ecosystem platform.

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  • 11 April 2019

    How to Buy Education Tokens (LEDU) on LATOKEN

    Education tokens (LEDU) are now trading on LATOKEN with ETH and BTC pairs. This article will explain how to purchase LEDU tokens on the LATOKEN exchange.

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  • 2 April 2019

    LEDU Token Bounty Reward Program

    Education Ecosystem has launched a bounty reward program where participants will have an opportunity to earn LEDU every month. The participants will be required to complete various bounty tasks to receive LEDU. The more tasks completed, the more LEDU you can earn.

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